Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When You Least Expect It!

Yesterday evening I received a hilarious e-mail from my new friend Caryn Clark. She is a talented fellow voice actor, check out her website at http://www.carynclark.net/. I asked her permission to re-tell her story, as I think there is something to be learned.

Caryn told me she isn't much of a gardener, a tomato plant here or there. However, she has had this one Basil plant sitting in her kitchen for quite some time now. Unfortunately, this plant has finally seen its last days.

Caryn writes, "I figured it was just my neglect. I kill everything I grow. Matter of fact, my husband just put fake grass in my little garden out by our pool. Yes, fake grass. So, I broke off the dead little limbs, and left the one green branch.

This past Saturday morning, my husband was doing something at the kitchen sink... he noticed the dying plant, and grabbed it to throw it under the faucet... and then called out to me, "Honey, did you not notice what's in your plant?"

I came into the kitchen and asked him what he was talking about, all the while saying, yeah, I know it's dead, blah, blah. He said, "Go take a look at your plant." So I did.

Half buried in the soil, with his big eyeballs peeking out, was a big ole frog.

I grew a frog."

I love it!

Her e-mail started me thinking of all the hard work I have put into my business recently. The networking, the contacts I have made in trying to have a new website built. The lunch dates with producer friends…the list could go on and on.

However, things can grow in places you aren't even looking or pursuing. A month ago I received an e-mail from a company in Louisiana I had never heard of. They had heard of me from a client I had recorded with ages ago and wanted me to voice a series of radio commercials for them.

Sometimes frogs grow in plants you figured were long-since dead. Surprises happen, and that is why I adore this business.

As Caryn said, "I guess frogs in the kitchen are better than frogs in our throats, huh?"

Thanks Caryn. Be sure to check out Caryn's website and blog (listed below)- I'm sure you can find a much more detailed story of the froggy stow away!


Stephanie Ciccarelli said...

Hi Kara,

Thank you for sharing Caryn's story. I'm glad that you two have been able to connect :)



Kara Edwards said...


Thank YOU for introducing us! We met because of the Voicey Awards. You and everyone at Voices.com are really bringing people together!