Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Confession and A Thank You

Confession time...I've been a very, very bad blogger this summer. Please accept my apologies. We all go through times where life requires so much of our focus that other things must fall by the wayside. Two things I have neglected lately are this blog and my own website. It is what it is, and I will try to do better in the future.

Running a business is more than a full time job. Freelancers don't 'clock in' or 'clock out'. We don't have scheduled breaks or lunch times. (I can't tell you the number of times I've worked straight through a meal...sometimes more than one meal in a day!) What we do have are deadlines and clients to keep happy. We have marketing to do and auditions to record. We have networks to be social with and e-mails to send. We have invoices to create and money to collect. It's a big, big job- and it requires a lot of attention to detail.

Then, life happens. It happens to us all. That's when we batten down the hatches and take care of the things that must be taken care of. Our focus becomes targeted, and it's easy to let the small things slip through the cracks.

Now, if I've learned anything in the last few years that I've been a business owner, it's that things always happen at just the right time. If we keep our eyes and ears open, opportunities to improve are all around us. Improve our business, our craft, ourselves. We just have to find a way to keep the ups and downs of life from interfering with our passions and willingness to be better.

And sometimes, something comes at just the right moment and reminds us that what we do really does matter.

Today, my something was a beautiful blog written by an old friend and former co-worker Kyle Whitford. To say that I am flattered doesn't do it justice. I am humbled.

Kyle's words came at the right time, I'm not sure if he knows that. He reminded me how lucky I am to have the joy that comes with doing something I am meant to do. So, thank you Kyle. And thank you to everyone that reads this blog and becomes a part of my world.