Saturday, March 10, 2007


My husband and I have lived in our current house for two and a half years. The first Spring we were here, we noticed a large group of Grackles bullying all the songbirds away from the food. These birds are relentless- when they are around, we cannot enjoy our Finches, Mockingbirds, Cardinals, or Robins. It angered me, and I decided I strongly disliked those Grackles, and would never find any joy in them.

The second Spring?? The same thing.

I disliked them even more than before.

However, a strange thing happened this morning. I had just finished watering the garden and refilling the bird bath. I was standing in the kitchen enjoying the aroma of brewing coffee when I saw them. The Grackles were back.

Only this morning...I was not sad- I was filled with joy! My first thought was that Spring is finally here! Just a short while longer and the beds will be filled with flowers, new birds will begin to hatch all over the yard! A goofy grin spread across my face as the Sparrows were chased from the feeder...I was thrilled to see my old friends return.

As is often the case with life, time changes perspective. Something you disliked before may become something you love. Patterns and regularity become your comfort, your joy.

I decided I will spend the rest of my weekend looking for something else to change my perspective about. Those eight radio commercials with the giant hard-to-pronounce words? I will not complain- I will tackle them with gusto! I will remember how I adore my job, and sometimes- even the negative will become positive!

As my dear friend Brian Haymond always says...To Be Continued!


MCM Voices said...

Kara - so glad to hear you have changed your tune regarding grackles. I think they're beautiful birds and I love the creaky noises they make! The red-winged blackbirds are always the first migrants to return around here, and they've been around for several weeks. The phoebes are next, so look and listen for them soon... This time of year is so full of promise - let's make the most of every day. MCM

Kara Edwards said...

I have to admit, in the morning sun- you could really see the blue and red tints...they were pretty! However, I am partial to our Mockingbirds, Finches, and Cardinals! We already have a pair of Goldfinches scouting out the fern on our front porch for a nesting site! I love spring!

Thank you for the comment!