Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Animated Alright!

I am completely obsessed with statistics. Stats of all kinds, but especially my personal website stats.

My wonderful web designer, Jason from Village Green Studios, has been helping me fix a slight bug on my stats page. The company I use has had a few minor problems, and my stats sometimes get stuck for a few days...leaving me stat-less.

Hopelessly and utterly stat-less. Not knowing how many people have visited my page, clueless as to the sites that lead them to me. Pathetically without my beloved numbers.

Fortunately, Jason was able to encourage the stat guys to update my stat page...and I am again stat-full!

While checking out the numbers, I came across my favorite stat of all time. Under the section that lists phrases typed into search engines that brought a particular visitor to my site, I found this phrase...

"animated cow poop"

Yes ladies and gentlemen, look for some good old fashioned animated cow poop online and you will indeed find me.

For anyone wondering how that could possibly be, just read my website bio and it will explain everything. As for me, I plan to spend my evening wondering what on earth could possibly have possessed this person to go searching for it?


MCM Voices said...

A girl certainly does need her stats! They are so helpful for seeing what draws people to your site and for coming up with ways to make sure those people are getting as much information as they can on the subject they're searching.

Animated cow poop certainly takes the... well.... That is so cute.

Somebody found me yesterday by searching "celestial voice-over". I guess I am miles above you - get it?????

Kara Edwards said...


Yes- you are a STAR! Stats are fantastic- I'm addicted to mine. They help with marketing, but are also interesting to observe.

Thank you for your comment!