Thursday, March 13, 2008

Building a Business

March has always been one of my favorite months. The Earth comes back to life, and business starts rolling in. I love taking a few moments in the early spring mornings to sit outside and listen to the birds with their beautiful songs. I find myself thinking of the many parallels in nature and business.

About 3 years ago, when I first bought my house, a pair of finches decided to nest in my front porch light. Fearing for their safety (the running electricity scared me around the nest), I would tear down the nest as soon as a few branches were placed. However, the finches were persistent, never giving in. Each morning, new branches would appear until I finally gave up and let them build their den.

That first year, I took pictures at each stage of the process, from the first eggs to the first flight. It was remarkable to watch! Once I realized the birds were perfectly safe, my husband and I made the decision to just let them be. Each year since, in early March the first branches will appear.

This year, my finch friends were remarkably fast in their nesting. A beautifully constructed nest appeared literally overnight. So pretty, it almost looked like a Christmas ornament. The finches were brilliant, they even left a small opening so they could fly inside. They were also quite remarkable because this year they decided to use fibers from our entryway mat, leaving quite a mess behind!

This past weekend, I drove to Atlanta to attend the Bob Bergen animation VO workshop. It would take a lifetime of blogs to explain everything I learned, but one thing did stick out. Bob asked us how much we truly wanted to be voice actors. What were we willing to do, willing to sacrifice to live our dream? Did our adrenaline pump each time we stepped up to the mic?

My answer? Absolutely!

I have been able to recite entire scenes from my favorite cartoons since I was a little girl. More than a decade has been spent working and practicing my craft. I've built my nest slowly with the fibers of knowledge from the wonderful coaches I study with. Much like the finches, instinct drives me to pursue my dream year after year, despite a few branches that may be torn down along the way.

Spring is always a wonderful time to reassess your career. Am I following a dream? Am I building a solid foundation? Spending my days doing what I know I am meant to do? Is instinct driving me? Is my client family growing each year?

When one follows their true path, the answers are easy.

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