Friday, May 11, 2007

You Are Never Too Young to Advertise!

I was leaving the house the other day and noticed my mailbox was open. When I got out of the car to close it, I saw a folded piece of paper inside. Upon inspecting the piece of paper, I realized it was a handmade flier. It seems we have an entrepreneur in our neighborhood!

I've attached a picture of this flier above (with the child's name and number blacked out). Isn't this GREAT?!

The flier for Brooke's business is hand-made, which gives it a personal feel. I know everyone on our street got the same note, but I also know this one was done just for me. A lot of time went in to her marketing campaign, she chose a fair price for her product (albeit a little low in my opinion!) and set out to get new business. You better believe I will be buying her cupcakes!

Ok, maybe I am over-analysing a child's idea and artwork- but I did find it impressive. What is funny to me is that most adults don't fully grasp the idea of marketing and branding nearly as well as little Brooke here!

In fact, after much thought and research, I have finally made the decision to take the next steps in my own career. Recently, I was fortunate to have my commercial demo reviewed by Nancy Wolfson during one of her telesiminars with Anna Vocino. I have been waiting a long time for an honest review of my work. Nancy felt that my demo wasn't properly showcasing my talents, but she did compliment me on my branding! Understanding who you are is the most important part of any business. What do you offer, and how can you portray that to your clients? Obviously, I need much more work on my presentation, which is why I have chosen to begin private classes with Nancy right away! (Our first phoner is in June)

I am already confident in my product (my vocal ability) but realize I can still learn more about technique. When the time is right, I will have a professional demo produced, a professional website and logo designed, and then I will be ready to advertise! Who knows, maybe I will start with hand-drawn fliers in each of your mailboxes! Get ready!

Side Note: For some reason, the links above are not working properly on this post. Please visit Nancy Wolfson's website at and Anna Vocino at Thanks!

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