Thursday, May 17, 2007

Branding...It's Everything You Are

I have learned more about being a voice actor in the last two weeks than I ever could have imagined. Many questions have been answered, many more have presented themselves. As you may be aware from previous posts, I recently began studying with Nancy Wolfson, an amazing woman in LA. (Our first private session is in June) She is known for her abilities in coaching voice talent and helping them reach the next level of their careers. The best part is, she is a very cool person! I have been fortunate to exchange several e-mails with her recently that shed some light on many things I never fully grasped. The main one being [Que scary music]...BRANDING!

Before you run screaming from the computer...allow me to share a few things Nancy has taught me. First, branding is much easier than you realize. It simply comes down to who you are as a person. Period. It's not any more difficult than that.

What are your likes, your dislikes? What are the colors and images you surround yourself with everyday? With Nancy's permission, here is a section from an e-mail Nancy sent me...

"I've done branding sessions where I've been sitting across the room with someone who might genetically sound just like anyone else, but they're wearing some really funky outfit or earring or pocketbook or even something on the checks they write that is just unlike anything anyone else would be wearing or having printed on their checks. I've had people say straight to my face "There's nothing unique about me" whilst holding a key chain that nobody else would have and/or sporting some bejeweled hair clip that nobody but that person would wear and I've stripped them of it and thrown it in my scanner. People REEK of their brands - they just are not trained to be objective viewers of themselves. Here's a quote you can tell the bloggers I gave them to chew on: “Oh what a power to see ourselves as others see us.”--Robert Burns (Scottish poet)" - Nancy Wolfson

Wow. Have you ever heard it put quite that way? I hadn't. It makes sense doesn't it? Look at your walls, look at the greeting cards you send your friends, look in your backyard, look at yourself. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND! Just find the image that shows it. Find the colors, the shapes, the lines...those are the things that will represent your voice and your business.

I've found mine (with Nancy's tremendous help!)...what's yours?

As a side note: I am learning so much so quickly I can't keep up with it all! In future posts, I will share a few things I've learned about finding the right coach, surrounding yourself with the right people, and how hard it can be to put together a great audition! Stay tuned!


AVATC said...

Hi, Kara. Thanks for sharing this story! I have read dozens of books on marketing and branding, but I have never thought about it in the terms that Nancy gave you. I, too, will start working privately with Nancy next month, and your entry has made me all the more excited about this change. You've certainly given me some things to think about in the meantime! :)

Best wishes on your continued success, and keep adding the excellent, thought-provoking articles to your blog!

Karen Commins

Kara Edwards said...


I wish you the greatest luck with Nancy! I'm surprised to hear someone of your level is seeking anyone's services- but I know you will be happy with what you learn :)

Thank you for your comment!