Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Organic Studio

Yesterday evening I posted a question at www.VO-BB.com. It was about my home recording studio and what type of phone patch and mic-pre set up I should look into purchasing. The folks over there have been more than helpful so far, and I look forward to learning more!

Today, I noticed an interesting parallel between my home studio and a large ant pile that has appeared in my cool-season vegetable garden. Allow me to explain…

The ant pile appeared in my garden one week ago. If my husband had his way, we would pour some sort of chemical, granular, acidic sort of thing over the mound and be done with it! However, I pride myself on having a totally organic, chemical free garden. So- we have been going through an assortment of humane and environmentally safe procedures to rid us of the ants…namely, boiling water down the hole! So far, it isn’t working…so an hour ago- I went online and looked up “ways to get rid of ants without chemicals” on Google. My, oh my, do people have some crazy ideas! So I tried them all.

Right now, there is a layer of corn starch all over my garden, followed by a layer of cinnamon, topped off with black ground pepper. The water is boiling on the stove.

If it rains…I will have a cake instead of onions and peas!

It occurred to me that this is much like my studio. I keep trying new things, asking more questions and hoping to rid it of all the ‘bugs’!! If a dash of cinnamon (a mic-pre), pepper (phone patch), and corn starch (whatever else I end up buying) make the difference- then my ‘organic’ recording studio will be my pride and joy!

Now, if only the equipment would cost the same as the spices!


Anonymous said...

Best blog entry thus far... I'll take just a small slice after dinner:)

Your Chemical Agent husband

Kara Edwards said...

Whatever you'd like dear :)

Now, please get back to spreading cinnamon on the ant pile...

Your Little Hippie