Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be Willing to Play in the Game

I've talked in the past about my mother's theories on life in relation to pig shows. You may just be the best pig- but for whatever reason the judge chooses another's all a matter of perception and opinion. This weekend, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about life and the ability to be a positive influence on other's lives. My conclusion? It isn't about 'being chosen' or 'winning'- it's about being willing to play IN the game. It's about stepping up to the plate- going after what you want- taking the next step not only to help yourself but help those around you.

A very tragic thing happened last week. My husband's 18 year old cousin was in a very bad car accident and did not survive. I cannot imagine at this stage in my own life what his mother is feeling. We spent the weekend in Eastern North Carolina with our family, and I can say that I have never seen such an outpouring of support. There were well over 500 teenagers, parents, friends, and family that showed up to pay their respects. That young man touched a lot of lives in a short amount of time. What floored me was watching this child's parents reach out to others and comfort them- when clearly they were the ones needing comfort. They were concerned about their son's friends and wanted to help them cope with this tragic loss. They wanted everyone to know that their son had been a donor- that lives will be saved because of him. This weekend, I saw a mother going through unspeakable pain...but not giving up. She is a nurse, and she will continue to touch people's lives as her son so obviously did.

There are moments when we are reminded just how fortunate we are...this was one of my moments. Each day that is spent with people we love, doing work we love, and reaching out to others is a day in a life well spent. That which makes your heart soar might help willing to give of your gifts freely. It is your passion- not the money you earn or the length of your time- it is the way you spend your moments that matter.

There was a contest recently that I was a part of. It was meant as a fun event, a way to 'honor' a few people in our industry. Lives were not changed- it was just meant to be positive and light. I was surprised, however, when a comment was made by someone about not having enough time to participate in such things. Shouldn't we all want to participate in things that are positive? Shouldn't we also encourage other's to step up to the plate- take a swing- and try to win? Heck- just being a player is fun! I'm not very wise, but I want to always take the time to play- to be a part of things- to learn- and give back.

So-metaphorically speaking- I plan to buy pigs...raise pigs...know they are the best in town...then buy a pig for someone else...and teach them all I know :) I don't want to just play the game...I want to play IN the IN each moment...and be a real winner at the end.

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