Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How multifaceted is too 'many'faceted?

In a recent interview I did online, I was asked 'what I would want the world to know about me that they might not already'. I answered simply, that I am a multifaceted woman. I am a voice actor, a television spokesperson, a writer, a producer, a gardener, a scrapbooker, a painter, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife. I pray often. I fall down a lot. I am a terrible speller. I record voice overs from home, and I travel half-way across the country to bring characters to life. I am also an amateur photographer. I sell stock photos online. I am dramatic...just ask my husband :-)

However, today I had an idea...and I believe it's a good one. It involves some writing that I do in my spare time. You see, I am cursed with an over-active imagination. Things sometimes come to me at odd moments, and it can be very frustrating to those closest to me. My husband often tells me 'I don't get it, but it sounds cool I guess'. I don't always 'get it' either, but I always feel in my heart I have to 'do it' (whatever 'it' is). The problem is, sometimes being multifaceted isn't always a blessing, and it's hard to know where to draw the line.

Many a morning a find myself sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end 'working'. With so many things on my plate, I'm not sure 'working' is always synonymous with 'accomplishing'-and there-in lies my dilemma.

I want to be a writer. I want to be a photographer. I want to be an artist. I am a voice actor. (a job I adore)

I want to create all new demos, and I have the ideas on how I want them to sound. I want to finish painting the wine glasses I plan to give a friend as a gift. I want to be outside taking pictures. I want to scrapbook my wedding photos. As of today, I really want to write that book I just dreamed up.

The question is, 'how'? I see so many talented people in the world, men and women doing the exact job I do- and they seem to have it all together. I'm assuming they've been given some Divine advice I missed out on. Maybe I was 'working' when those wise words were handed down. Many of these people have children as well, which REALLY alludes me as to how it is all done. And before you say it, they also spend their time blogging :-)

It leaves me wondering, is it possible to be too multifaceted? Would narrowing down my 'work related desires' make me great at one job, instead of 'good' at many? Or is that what life is all about-being all that you can be- and still finding time to just be?


Norm Depeel said...

It's nice to find others who are "multifaceted" in the world. There are people who are happy doing their job, coming home for supper, and watching "their" shows till bedtime. I was always jealous that they seemed to have it together, had simple lives with no chaos. But i have a theory about the single faceted person. what happens when they no longer work? they have no other interests to chase down unknown paths. I can think of many old people who retired and died because they had no more vision than their work had allowed. i think it's awful. I have so many things i love to do I can't decide on one to focus and become famous from. I want to write a book also, I want to see to fruition all the inventions in my head, i want to be a tournament fisherman, i want a dog team and to race the iditarod, the list goes on and on. I like being "multifaceted" but I also wish i had clarity like yourself so i can have some fulfilment too. I have always believed i'd find it but i think the problem lies in the fact that as we search for it we just add more to our listof interests,....hey doesn't that make us even more faceted?.... arn't the most expensive diamonds those that have many cuts to them? so does that make you more valuble?
You have extremely interesting work and i have even thought of doing what you do

Kara Edwards said...


You make wonderful points! I love the thoughts about a diamond :) You seem to have many interest and talents, I sincerely hope you get to experience them all! Thank you for the comments!