Monday, January 22, 2007

The Gift

The Gift of Focus: Several weeks ago I ordered a gadget online for my cats. It looks like a metal mouse and emits a laser beam when you press a button on top. This laser beam puts a small red dot on the wall, ceiling, or floor- wherever you point it. Supposedly, it drives cats crazy and they will chase it all day long. My order arrived a few days ago, and I was so excited to try it out- knowing the cats would love it. The big surprise came when my 8 lb Shih Tzu immediately pounced on the dot following it anywhere it went. For several days now, my husband and I (along with a few neighbors) have taken turns pushing the button and allowing the 'red dot' to mystify the dog. She is obsessed. When the red dot goes away, she cries. When it appears, she puts her nose to the ground and plows through the carpet in a desperate pursuit. Nothing else matters. The red dot is the single most important thing in her world. The cats? They haven't gotten near the red dot...they are too afraid to get in the dog's way.

From now on, when I am working on an important project, I will subscribe to the 'red dot' theory. I now know it is possible to focus that intently on the task at hand.

The Gift of Timing: For about a month now, my new friend Bob Souer has been writing about a conference taking place in Las Vegas at the end of March called 'VOICE'. It sounds like fun, and an amazing learning (and networking!) experience. After Stephanie at wrote that she would be there, I began to wonder if this was something I could bear to miss out on. The only problem was justifying the money it will cost to attend (fees, travel, lodging, etc). I resigned from my job in September, and my outgoing cash flow has been much higher that my incoming cash flow (as it is with all new businesses). Of course, I understand the enormous value of learning more about my chosen craft, but if the money 'ain't there- it ain't there'!
This morning I received a call from my mother. It seems she will be in Vegas at the exact same time attending a conference for her work. The kicker? Her hotel and conference are 2.3 miles from the VOICE conference. I can stay with her. The second kicker? She has plenty of frequent flier miles and can fly me in.

From now one, I will remember that if something is meant to be- there is always a way. I will remember that there are many things more important than income. Family, friends, and having a job I love (and plan to learn more about) will remain my main focus. I will let the 'chips fall where they may' and trust in a Higher Power to get me where I need to go.

The Gift of Time: This last Thanksgiving we joined many of our closest friends in Charlotte for a feast. We decided to go around the table and each of us say what we were most thankful for. I remember the odd looks I received when I replied simply that I was thankful for the gift of time. I my opinion, 'time' is the most wonderful thing in the world. Time with my family, my friends, time to grow things, to make things, to breathe, to Worship, the time to just exist.
A friend of ours has been in the fight of her life, for her life, for a very long time now. The news has not been good, it has not been fair.

For her, I will be thankful for my gift of time, and I will pray her time will be infinite. I will focus on living to the best of my ability and not wasting a single moment. I will remember that I can't fix or control everything, and life still works out as it should.

When I need 'red dot' will be our friend. She will always remind me to focus on living.


Voices said...


This is a fantastic story! Isn't it amazing how everything works out when we leave it up to the right Person to provide for us.

See you in Las Vegas :)


Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your kind words! Yes, things always seem to work out for the best...even if we don't believe it at the time! I can't wait to learn more about marketing, etc in Vegas- this is just what I needed!