Sunday, December 21, 2008

Second Blog-o-versary Post with Studio Pictures!

Today is the second anniversary of this blog. It began with a post titled "Why Not Blog??" on December 21st, 2006. What an amazing 2 years it has been!

First, I want to thank each and every one of you who read this blog. Whether you are a subscriber, or you just stop by from time to time- you are the reason I keep this little hobby going. I've done my best over the past 2 years to give an honest portrayal of my life as a full-time voice actor. The good, the bad, and every little thing I've learned along the way.

The last several months have been a true learning experience as I packed up one studio in NC and moved to Tampa, FL to build a new studio. The move gave me an opportunity to build a studio the way I've always wanted to. I've added an ISDN line (just installed this past Friday!), a new Mackie mixer, a Telos Zephyr, Samson Resolv studio monitors, a studio rack, a laptop shelf, and more!

My actual recording space is larger than my previous one, and now that I can read scripts from my laptop I'm no longer going through 2 ink cartridges a month!

The most clever idea came when I discovered a metal shelf used by club DJs to hold their computers and drum machines over their turn tables. While I would love to claim the idea as my own, I owe the credit to a very nice man at Sam Ash. He suggested I anchor the shelf into my studio wall to hold my laptop. The best part is that it is designed to keep the laptop cool so the fan never comes on! It also has a cool little shelf that holds my bottle of Entertainer's Secret.

OK- on to the pictures I promised I would post...(Keep in mind there are still a few tweaks happening here and there- but for the most part, this is my new FL studio.)

My computer sits next to my recording area (behind the white door there)...

I love color- so I went with a blue/ green shade with one wall slightly darker than the rest. It was based off the painting I bought in Costa Rica this year (I'm planning to have it framed soon)...

All the Florida homes we looked at had these 'ledges' near the ceiling- perfect for action figures and stuffed animals of characters I've voiced!

Marvin the Martian is my favorite character of all time- I bought this statue 13 years ago in Mexico. He's my studio protector...

A friend drew this picture of the Lion King and the globe is a Disney Villains Globe I bought when I worked for Radio Disney.

The large frame is an uncut sheet of season 3 DragonBall Z cards. This was given as a gift to the main voice actors for DragonBall Z. Next to it are a pair of actual cells from the show, and to the left are 2 certificates of appreciation from our troops in Iraq. (One for the voice work I did for Freedom Radio, another for a 4th of July party I helped throw in Iraq when I was on the radio in NC.) Below it are my collections of Highlights Magazines I have recorded for the website.

On to my recording space...Here is a close up of the laptop shelf I mentioned earlier:

Where I spend much of my time...

My constant companion, Macy. She likes to curl up on the studio floor rug (Yes, my floor is polka dotted- I love color!!).

Above my computer is a digital frame (currently on a photo of myself with Randy Thomas and Caryn Clark). On either side are my 2 Voicey Awards. One for Best New Voice- 2007 and one for Best Voice Team along with Adam Fox- 2008.

A close up up that fabulous painting I found in Costa Rica...
Finally, a shot of the entrance to my studio...

Since I took these photos at night, I was not able to capture my view from the window. It's of a pond surrounded by a small conservation. I love that view!
So- that is it! My new studio!! I still have to hang the studio monitors, and there are a couple of pictures that haven't made it to the walls just yet. However, the studio sounds fantastic- and I'll be testing my new ISDN lines tomorrow.
Again, thank you for reading my blog- here's to many more years of blogging!


AFN Broadcaster said...

Looks like a fun place to work! I'll take pictures of the set up at my work!

VoiceOverForYou said...

Kara, how nice to finally have your work space all set-up and ready to go. I know it's been a busy and somewhat stressful time with the move etc. But, it sure looks like you have all systems go!

May 2009 be wonderfully memorable!!

Kara Edwards said...

Chris- Please do take photos and let us know where to find them!

Brian- Thank you for your comment. It was a hectic move, but it is more than wonderful to be back at work :)


Gordon Sanders said...

I remember Marvin. From south padre :-)

Your studio looks great and the apartments that you used to lease have just now been demolished.

You should make it down to miami for the Great EsSkate in February... if you are still skating.

like the blog and congrats on the success

Kara Edwards said...


That's the same Marvin!! Remember how I shipped him back and he arrived in 3 pieces? I glued him back together, repainted him- and he's been happy ever since :)
Wow- those apartments were demolished?? Probably a good thing! I haven't been skating in forever- but just broke them out a week ago to hit Flatwoods Park here in Tampa. I'm trying to get my husband to skate now too :)
Thanks for stopping by the blog!