Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Not Blog??

It started with an e-mail. Stephanie from had asked for reviews of some new commercial scripts. I decided to throw in my two cents...that weren't worth nearly that much! Stephanie sent me an e-mail response thanking me for my review. In her nice note, she mentioned possibly doing an interview with me in 2007 that would explore my long forgotten career as a Radio Disney personality and feature writer. I immediately shot back that it wouldn't be terribly interesting, but I'd be happy to oblige!

It only takes one tiny seed to grow an apple tree, and you are now partaking in the fruits...pardon the expression.

This is my apple tree...the outlet for my thoughts. Thoughts about the voice over industry, the endless frustrations involved with building a home studio, and other various ramblings that often come to me just as I'm falling asleep.

Many people I know and admire have blogs. I enjoy reading them, and thought- why not?-what's one more blog among the millions of others? Who knows...maybe I do in fact have something interesting to offer! Only time will tell...

In the meantime, please visit the blogs of my new friends Brian Haymond, Bob Souer, and I promise they will offer morsels worth your time!

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