Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's In A Name?

I was married on April 22nd, 2006 to a wonderful man named Chris Suchan. For nearly 30 years now, I've been known by my real name 'Kara Edwards'. Since I am a strong and independent woman, there has been much thought over the past several months as to what to do with my name. Change it? Leave it? Hyphenate it? What is a newlywed to do? Other strong and independent women have changed their names while many others have not. Type 'Kara Edwards' into any search engine, and there are many interesting things to be found. Type 'Kara Suchan' into a search engine, and you will learn all about my husband (I write with a smile).

As you may imagine, I have received many opinions from friends and family as to what my new name should be. My amazing (and traditional) in-laws would love to see me become a Suchan. My mother would love to see me as a hyphenate, and my clients would prefer me stay the same for tax purposes!! Of course, there's always the 'change it but go by Edwards' thought process...but that's too confusing and private for me!

There has been much discussion and belly-aching over the last few months, and today...I decided to take a stand!! I finally made a decision and made it happen before I changed my mind! It's official...I'm now...

Kara Janet' Edwards-Suchan!!! (middle name pronounced Jun-nay)

Of course, nothing in my life will change, world peace will not be acheived...and I will still professionally be called Kara Edwards. However, my husband is thrilled to have me as a half-Suchan, and I'm thrilled as well! It's long, obnoxious, painfully difficult...and perfect.'s not the name that matters, it's the voice behind it :)


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