Sunday, November 30, 2008

Studio Superstitions

In the past two weeks, I've spent the majority of my time building and creating my new studio and office space. It started with the actual recording space, and has moved into the area where I edit, produce, and spend most of my day.

I like to keep the area where I record separate from my computer and production space to cut down on any potential electronic humm. It's just a personal preference as I've been in many studios where the mic and computer are together and they sound great!

First and foremost for me- it was all about function. I wanted to make sure I could move in the space and get to the things I needed easily and efficiently. When I couldn't find a desk that fit the space in the way I wanted, I opted to keep my old corner desk and add a second desk to my left to hold my printer/fax, etc.

Since I'm not completely finished with my office, I'm reserving posting pictures and detailed descriptions until later this week. Therefore, today I'd like to focus on studio superstitions. I figure I can't be the only one who has them!

Many years ago I became fascinated with Feng Shui. I've probably read a couple dozen books about the topic and believe that the spaces we spend our time in can have a major impact on our lives. So, the first thing I did was create a bagua map of my office. (The one I linked to is not the one I use, but it's the closest I could find) I also studied colors to find out which would be the most inspiring for me. I ultimately went with a beautiful green/blue shade, painting one wall slightly darker than the rest. I know, I know- I can hear you saying to yourself, "Studios are for recording- not meditating! Sheesh!" (or something to that effect)

There is so much that goes into the art of Feng Shui that I don't want to bore you with the nitty gritty details. Plus, I'm sure someone would e-mail me explaining that I've done it all wrong and that would just make me sad. So, I'll just say that I am THRILLED with the way things are coming together! My studio is the space where I spend the most time, and it was very important to me that every object be inspiring creatively, emotionally, and spiritually.

As for superstitions- I have a few. Part of me likes being surrounded by my accomplishments (awards, action figures of characters I've voiced, etc) but I'm cautious not to go overboard. I wanted to make sure to leave room for future success, both in my life and on my walls! I also have several pictures and figures of birds and items that represent rising up. In my career I hope to reach for the stars every day and I enjoy being surrounded by symbols of my goals.

Something else kinda corny that I did was upload some of my favorite pictures to a digital frame. It's one that shows a continuous picture slide show. I added a wide variety of pictures from voice actors I know and admire, to photos of my family, to my favorite nature photography. That way I have all the things that matter right in front of me every day.

All that's missing is my new studio rack and my ISDN line...but hopefully those will be here soon!

So, now it's your turn- what superstitious object(s) do you keep, or actions do you take in your studio every day to keep you inspired?

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AnthonyVO said...

I applaud you, Kara! These are not superstitions - these are your beliefs. I personally feel that when you belief something with such faith, it becomes true. Your approach is refershing. I take time every morning to be silent before the noise and try to limit that noise as much as possible so that I can focus on what I was meant to do - voice-overs. The studio IS the place for meditation. It's where your most intense focus should be. And the basis of meditation is, in its simplest form, *focus*.

Thanks for letting us inside your new studio. I wish you nothing but the best in your new positive space.


MCM Voices said...

Kara, I'm so glad to hear about your approach to rebuilding your studio. It sounds wonderful. Please do post pictures when you're ready!

My studio is cute and functional but has not yet been treated in the way you have described (I just started reading a book about feng shui last night though!). The little things I keep nearby for inspiration: a picture of me with 6women friends in our gis and black belts in front of the Washington Monument; a New Year's card from Liz de Nesnera, a note from Dan Nachtrab, and a quotation from Bob Souer: "I wish you well in your search for a cheaper voice"!

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comments! Like you, I prefer quiet throughout the day. No TVs- no radio...until my husband comes home anyway. Since he works in television- the second he walks in every TV is on! Hah!


I love that quote from Bob! For a long time I kept quotes from my coach, Nancy Wolfson, all around my studio on little post-its. I finally decided I could take them down once they were forever burned into my brain :)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a truly lovely space, Kara! I can't wait to see it!

I know absolutely nada abot Feng Shui, but I love my little studio, and hope to make it even cooler and more inspiring one day soon. I do have my Vision Board on one of the walls in my studio, and some pictures of me with my inspirations in the industry (though I need to put up more of those as I have more pics now). I also have quotes printed, but not posted anywhere.

You've made me want to "remodel." :)

Hugs... Caryn

Kara Edwards said...


I'm so glad you left a comment about your vision board! I was thinking of you and your board when I was writing this :) I need to make one of those!