Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Big Day

I remember so well anxiously awaiting the day I turned 18 so I would be able to vote for the first time. It's an amazing right we have as Americans to choose our leaders, and I always feel that flutter of excitement on Election Day!

So, imagine my horror when my absentee ballot didn't arrive last week! Because my husband and I are in the middle of a relocation, absentee voting was our only option.

A month ago, I proudly sent off our ballot requests, then waited...and waited...and waited. When I knew something was definitely wrong, I called our county office. Sure enough, there was a mix up with our new PO Box, and my ballot had been sent back!

The good news was that my husband's ballot was on the way, but mine would have to be re-sent and there was no guarantee it would arrive in time for me to send it in!

So, every day last week we checked the box with our fingers crossed. Friday morning it arrived! I was able to cast my vote and send it in overnight express!

Sure, it cost me $17 for the postage- but I can think of no better use of $17 than to exercise my right as an American.

This Election Day, I hope you will take the time to exercise your own rights. Judging by the early numbers, it seems many already have- which makes me even more proud to live in this great country!

Happy Election Day to you!

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VoiceOverForYou said...

Kara, Bridget and I waited an hour to vote last Thursday at CPCC...can you believe it! An hour nearly a week before the election!

Glad to see you are up and running in Tampa!