Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Avoid The Distractions

As you can tell, I've gotten a bit behind on my blogging as of late. I made the attempt at writing a new blog last week and it went something like this:

It's funny to me that several people recently have commented that my new camera (a Nikon D60) takes great pictures...but really, isn't the photographer the one taking the pictures? Much like in voice over, when so much discussion is had over microphones, when acting lessons should really come first. Great equipment is essential, but solid training should always come first.

Unfortunately, that was all I could come up with at the time, so I never posted that blog. Plus, since I am not a photographer and have never taken a photography class...I really wasn't in the position to rant! However, I am a voice actor...and this is a blog about all things voice over related...so I thought I'd share a story from this past week that I hope might inspire you in your daily voice acting life.

My grandfather, Herman, will be 93 this year. Now, I'm fortunate to be married to a wonderful man, and to have an incredible father-in-law...but I often say my grandfather is the greatest man alive. He still spends his days on the cotton farm out in West Texas, and never misses a Sunday at church. I've been trying to plan a trip out to see him, because it's been too long since my last visit, but work and life just keep getting in the way.

Since I am planning to spend a week in LA in August to attend VOICE 2008 and receive some private coaching, I have been doing my best to work ahead and complete as many projects as possible over the next couple of weeks. (I have projects every month that I just can't get behind on) I'm a planner, and I had mapped out my July perfectly...or so I thought!

This past Saturday I received a call, I was needed in Texas to record a project. They would need me there the week of July 21st. I immediately thought of my grandfather- wouldn't it be wonderful to also take the 5 hour drive West to see him, since I'll be in Texas anyway? Looking back at the calendar, I realized there was just no way.

Sunday morning we went to church. Now, regardless of what your beliefs are- we can all admit that the simple answers are often right in front of us if we'll just take the time to look. At the end of the service our Pastor offered a prayer. He prayed that as we went on with our week, we wouldn't let the little distractions of the days keep us from realizing the gifts we are given.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been so caught up in busy, busy, busy that I hadn't realized how amazing it was that I had just been given a free trip to Texas in which I could do some work, and then go see my grandfather like I had been wanting to for so long.

I came home, looked closely at my calendar and realized it would be no problem at all to make this happen. Sure, I'll have to work a little harder this week (and believe me- I have been!), and it will have to be a shorter trip than I would have liked...but I get to see my grandpa and that is the greatest gift of all.

I hope that as you struggle through the week, whether it's trying to fit all the work in, or trying to bring the work to you, that you'll take a minute to appreciate the gifts in your own life. I've been reminded that when you do, the rest just falls into place.

As a side note: anyone wanting to see the photos my new camera takes can check out my Flickr page. I'm sure you'll see why I plan to stick to voice acting :)

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Christy said...

:P Girl, I don't know what you're talking about. Some of those pictures have GREAT lighting and composition. I'm serious.

I have been negligent in sending you an email! I shall do so soon. It sounds like you've been busy though, and that's fantasic! How is your shoulder treating you?