Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a special day for me. Not only because I am passionate about our planet, but also because two years ago today my husband and I were married.

It was a coincidence that our wedding fell on Earth Day, yet it was so appropriate considering he is a meteorologist and I am a supporter of living 'green'.

It's been very exciting to watch as the word 'green' has become something wonderful, something to strive for. No longer are conservationists considered 'tree-huggers', they are looked at in a positive light. It is now hip to be green- YAY!

Even better...and Kermit the Frog would love this...it is easy being green!

New products are popping up all the time...household cleaners made with essential oils in place of dangerous fragrances, energy saving appliances (even light bulbs can now conserve energy!), organic foods, etc.

If each day we all do at least one thing positive for our planet, it not only changes our lives, it changes the Earth for future generations.

Last year I wrote a blog about how voice actors can take small steps to conserve energy and live a greener life. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

In addition to the suggestions listed, I have found a few more fantastic items and ideas that can help your business while helping the Earth:

1. Microfiber Electronics Cloth. It is important to keep our equipment free of dust and pet hair. These cloths can be used over and over on computer screens, keyboards, and all audio and video equipment. Plus, they can be washed and used again! No more sprays, and less waste from disposable cloths.

2. Energy Star. Look for vacuums and appliances with this label. Not only do they conserve water and energy, they are tax deductible! (Please speak with your accountant first) Make sure you are using energy saving light bulbs in your lamps and fixtures.

3. Stop printing those scripts! I am guilty of this myself. so many scripts, so much ink, so much paper wasted. After a recent project had me printing 45 full color pages to read, I knew I had to make a change. I added a shelf to my recording booth so I can set up my laptop to read scripts from. Easy!

4. Ebay. Yes, I mentioned this a year ago, but wanted to drive home the point. If you need new equipment, why not buy used? It is unlikely anyone will ever know that mic-pre has a tiny scratch on it's left side...and you'll save money while keeping one more non-biodegradable object out of a landfill.

5. Clean up. I mentioned the microfiber cloths, but did you know how much dust and pet hair can become trapped inside our equipment? Over the weekend, we took the casing off my computer, and in only a few short months since it's last cleaning, it was full of cat hair. Cleaning out the insides of electronics helps prolong their life and overall efficiency.

So, there you go- 5 more easy ways to be a greener voice actor! I'd love to know the many ways you conserve, so feel free to leave a comment!

Finally, a very happy anniversary to my amazing husband. Thank you for your support, love, and friendship...you mean the world to me.


Stephanie Ciccarelli said...


Happy anniversary :)

I love this piece and have just shared it on Facebook.

Take care,


Kara Edwards said...


Thank you! I saw it on Facebook- and I am very flattered :)

It was a great anniversary- my wonderful husband got me a new Nikon D60 digital camera! Photography is a big hobby for me, so I can't wait to break it in!


Scott Paxton said...


Wonderful tips. I too am cleaning out my equipment every couple of months to remove, you guessed it, cat hair. Once I am done with this can of dust spray, I will dig out a few of those microfiber rags my wife gave me.
I also replaced all the lights in the studio with the energy saver bulbs.

hipQuest said...


Regarding #3-If you need scripts and such while away from your laptop I would encourage you to look into getting a Kindle.

I got mine because I read so much but once I realized what else I could do with it, I was amazed. For instance, instead of printing all my travel info for trips I created a "travel" book and uploaded it to my Kindle. I think I saved a forest by doing this on my last trip. :)

Congrats to you and Mr. Suchan and enjoy your new camera!


Kara Edwards said...


I still can't believe how cat hair can find its way into the most confined spaces- amazing! Thank you for your comment!


Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for the suggestion, I will definately check into it!