Saturday, January 19, 2008

Charlotte Metro Credit Union

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with Sam Vincent and Jared Dudley of The Charlotte Bobcats on a TV commercial for Charlotte Metro Credit Union.

It was a full day shoot in two locations, and was an absolute blast! I made several new friends during filming, including the writer, Nathan Tothrow.

One of the most memorable parts of filming, for me, was spending several hours in the huddle (which takes up only a few second of the spot). My legs were sore for days! You'll also notice a beige colored purse that I am holding. Those who know me will recognize this as the purse I carry all the time. If I had known it would end up being a prop- I would have cleaned out all the loose (and heavy!) change first!

Nathan was kind enough to spend two hours uploading the commercial to YouTube. You can view it here: **

**Head coach Sam Vincent and Jared Dudley of The Charlotte Bobcats join professional actress Kara Edwards in this 30-second commercial for Charlotte Metro Credit Union. The spot was written by Nathan Tothrow and directed by Joanne Hock of Emulsion Arts. The cinema-quality special effects were added by Tony Elwood of Indievision.

My thanks to everyone involved!!

Updated Jan. 21, 2007: A giant thank you to Stephanie Ciccarelli for featuring this story in the media section of Voice Over Times!


Eric Souer said...

I enjoyed watching it. Also great fun is to watch all the WBTV videos with your husband on there. Some pretty funny stuff :D

jessespringer said...

Awesome, Kara!

Way to be, and good work!

God Is Love-

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your kind words! Yes, nothing I will ever do in life will match the 'Suchan Shuffle' - hah!


Thank you for your comment!


Peter O'Connell said...

Wow Kara, I just saw the spot.

You're performance as ablack, male basketball player was so REAL.

I knew your strengths as a vocal performer but that would have been an acting stretch even for DeNiro yet you made it look effortless.



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