Monday, July 16, 2007

A Special Thank You

As I went to log into this site to type a new blog...a news flash jumped onto my screen...Jessica Simpson now has a swimsuit collection. It occurred to me, I hope one day I am successful enough in my job that I can randomly choose other careers to dapple in just because it seems fun.

But I digress...

I've had a flurry of excitement the past 2 days. No, I haven't been cast in any new great shows, and I haven't been hired for some huge commercial gig. Yet, I have been quite busy.

Forgive me for the lack of details with this story, I hope you will bear with me through this. A friend of mine, that I have not known very long, contacted me last week. It seems she had dinner with a voice acting idol of mine at a charity event recently. Someone associated with my idol will be in town this evening and my friend wanted to pass along one of my demo CD's.

Now, I have several people in this business I look up to. Many I stand in awe of on a regular basis. However, only 3 actually drop me to my knees in hope that I will one day be half as great. This person is one of them.

Last night as I went to burn my demos to CD- nothing was good enough! I recently hired a graphic designer to create a new website and demo package for me, but that is weeks from being completed. I know it doesn't really matter, this person only needs a voice sample and will understand my lack of pizazz...and yet...I was suddenly so nervous!

My character demo wasn't good enough. Sure, it's been good enough to get me agents and jobs...but it wasn't good enough for the small possibility that my voice acting idol just might hear it.

So, I set out to recreate...and recreate...and recreate. I very literally worked on this demo up to the minute I had to burn it to disc and pass it along. I am happy with what I did, but still envision many changes down the road. I want to compete with the best. I want my demos to sound as good as the demos on the 'Big Agency' sites.

As I look around me, there are DVD's of past shows and CD's of past work scattered around the room. I ripped audio I had recorded until I could rip no more.

Honestly, there is no real point to this post, only an opportunity to thank the 3 people who were and are willing to listen to my work and offer honest feedback. Brian Haymond, Bob Souer, and DB Cooper. I respect you each immensely, and thank you for your friendship, time, willingness, and wise words.

My advice to other voice actors? Find great people you trust to offer professional and honest opinions. Listen to demos from other actors making the big bucks and try to be competitive...and finally, take any chance (no matter how small) to be heard by the best.

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Hey Kara,
I am trying to "connect the dots" here and from the post I started at:
Am I correct in assuming Geme Simmons of KISS is your idol?:)
Take care!

Kara Edwards said...


Hahah! How did you guess??


AFN Broadcaster said...

Good Luck Kara!

Kara Edwards said...

Thanks Chris- to YOU as well!