Monday, July 9, 2007

It Comes Full Circle

I was conversing over e-mail with my dear friend Brian Haymond about a project I did recently and he said I should post the story on my blog. He thought it might help to inspire other voice actors, especially those new to the business that are just going out for their first jobs.

Several months ago, I was called in for a group voice over session at a local studio. There were 3 ladies (including me) and one man (the owner of the studio) that were doing a 'cheer' as though we were at a wedding reception. The client was on a phone patch in New York. We had to do this cheer many, many times as the client wasn't happy with what she was hearing. Finally, she asked, "Is it possible for the girl with the really high pitched voice to sit out?"

Of course, I knew she meant me as the other ladies had those beautiful chocolate voices everyone loves. So, I raised my hand, said 'that's me' and sat down. As everyone else looked at me with apologetic faces, I laughed it off saying, 'this voice has paid my bills for years- no harm done'. I didn't pout, I didn't get upset, I just laughed and saw the humor in it. (Of course, knowing I got paid either way didn't hurt!)

Afterwards, I mentioned the story to a few friends, got it off my chest, and forgot all about it.

Fast forward to last week when I was called into the same studio to do a voice over job. As it turns out, the same client from that session had written a radio commercial that was tailored to my voice! It was a character read, where I was the voice of a penny in a man's dream. She said she wrote the spot after hearing me in that session months ago!

In this business, we always hear how important it is to be kind to everyone you work with. You never know where your next job is coming from or who your next dear friend may be. We deal with a lot of rejection...that's why it is such a competitive industry. The more time you can spend laughing...even at yourself...the greater the 'vibes' will be that you send into the universe. At some point, it will come full circle.

Oh, for those interested...this is me as a penny :)


Peter O'Connell said...


You were my favorite part of the spot until the tag "Jaquensville!" I loved that tag!

But now you ARE my favorite penny...great production quality,,,kudos to the producer.

Best always,

- Peter

Kara Edwards said...


heheh...I was posting a comment on your blog at the same time you were posting on mine! Cool! I love that too- the way the guy says the city. I believe his name is Scott, we met so briefly while recording. Extremely talented guy. The lady is Katherine Goforth- an unbelievably talented (and very cool) woman. The producer's name is Josh Sacco and yes, he is a very gifted producer...I have a whole collection of spots he's done! I guess if you are only as good as those you surround yourself with...I'm pretty set!

-Kara said...

Point well taken with the Penny story Kara. By the way, just a week ago we bought our first HONDA Odyssey minivan:)

MCM Voices said...

Kara, what a great story and a great lesson. I've always said, that Kara Edwards is incredibly wise for a 15-year old!!!


Kara Edwards said...


I'd love to say it was my advertising skills...but that would only work if you lived in Jaquesenviiille!

Thank you for you comment :)

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for the big laugh this morning! You made my day!


Justin Barrett said...

Awesome story, Kara! Thanks for sharing!

Kara Edwards said...


It's always great to hear from you!


Stephanie Ciccarelli said...

Hi Kara,

Wasn't that just the cutest collection of squeals and giggles!

Thanks for sharing your story and linking to the MP3. Good stuff :)

On the topic of rejection, the Voice Over Experts Podcast is featuring Joan Baker lecturing on this topic next week. Hope to hear your thoughts on what she has to say along with her interviewee...!

Take care,


Anna said...


I LOVE this glad you told us about it.

Congrats--and you kick butt as Penny!