Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mrs. Flexibility

One of the best things you can be in our line of work is...FLEXIBLE! No, I'm not referring to the ability to bend backwards and touch your nose to your toes, I'm referring to the flexibility you have with your time. If our schedules are not filled to the brim, opportunity can arise!

I always try to allow for time to relax, time to get things done around the house, help out at church, etc. I've read about many voice actors that immerse themselves in work. A bit of time to eat, tuck in the kids- and it's right back to the studio. This is great, if you are being paid the same per spot as Don LaFontaine! For the rest of us, over-scheduling can cause you to miss out on great opportunities.

I am not a big believer in quantity over quality.

I've received the same calls the rest of you have. 50 spots a month for $15 a pop! Great. So, I can have guaranteed monthly work at a MUCH rate lower than I would normally charge...or I can hold out for a job that might come from nowhere and be willing to pay me what I'm worth.

Perhaps I'm a gambler after I'd take the latter!

Yesterday was supposed to be my 'free day'. I had nothing scheduled, so I was planning to finally order those wedding pictures I've been meaning to get to (yes, it's been a YEAR!) and play in the garden a bit. The phone rang at 10am. A job I had turned down last week (the rate was too low) had decided to match my fee after all (which was TWICE what they originally offered). I had promised a quick turn around- so I recorded and sent it off in under an hour. Voila! Back to the gardens and wedding pictures...

At 2pm the phone rang again. How fast could I be ready to go on camera and record a car commercial in a town 30 minutes away? Considering I had been playing in the garden throughout the day, and was pretty sure there was a bit of bird poop on my left knee from the bird bath I had cleaned only moments was the fastest shower and make-up slathering of my life!

4 hours later, a 30 minute infomercial and 30 second TV commercial had been filmed! HAH! Now, not everyday goes like this (obviously- or we would be living in a much larger home!). However, if I was committed to 50 spots for a low rate on a deadline- I would not have been able to throw on some heels and earn a decent day's wages on a moment's notice!

Stop and think before you over-commit yourself to guaranteed work for low pay. Sometimes, being flexible and AVAILABLE can bring great rewards! Be confident in your abilities, deliver a great product, and know that you are worth the money spent!

In fact, I received the call an hour ago that the agency liked my work...I'm on the schedule for 2 more commercials next week!


Peter O'Connell said...

NOW the trick (outside of the nose/toes deal) is get the payment from the client equally as fast as you got your work done for them!

Isn't odd how everything up to the completion of their tasks happen at warp speed and yet invoice processing happens in slo-mo?

I could be wrong ;)....

Kara Edwards said...


Oh yes- you are correct! I've been shocked by how long it takes some clients to spread the wealth!

Of course, I must take this moment to mention my friend Dana Detrick- I worked with her on a project this evening and the payment was in my account within the hour! WOW!!

Thanks for comenting Peter!

Bob Souer said...


What a delightful story. Thank for for this encouraging word today.

Be well,

Kara Edwards said...


As always..thank YOU!