Wednesday, April 4, 2007

More Poop Talk

As an update to my previous post about worm poop and voice overs...I have been using the Terra Cycle All Purpose Plant Food for over a month now, and I can honestly say my plants have never looked better!

I was at the store yesterday and noticed Terra Cycle also has orchid food, garden food, and lawn food all made from worm poop. They are cheaper than all other plant foods, eco-friendly, and earth conscious. So- I bought them all and will let you know how they work out.

No, I do not own stock in this company- my mother is not the owner. I have no other connection to them other than the fact that I find their story inspiring. I believe my first post about them was sometime in early March if you want to learn more :)

As for me, I recently 'fertilized' my studio with a new pre-amp and will be buying a new mixer soon. I spent the week in Las Vegas 'harvesting' new friends and 'watering' my brain with voice over knowledge. I believe the 'seeds' are taking root and my business will continue its steady growth! I am still subscribing to the Terra Cycle philosophies and the outlook couldn't be better!

As MJ Lallo says...KEEP GOING!


Anonymous said...

Here's a link of TerraCycle's appearance on BBC World News regarding the lawsuit with Scotts Miracle-Gro.. check it out!

Kara Edwards said...

Thank you for the comment!

You know you are doing a great job in your business when the big boys show fear. It is my sincere hope these boys succeed against this suit and go on to make millions while helping our environment. I'm still using the product and love it!