Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enjoying The Walk

My dog, Macy, loves to walk. Wait, that doesn't describe it quite right...she LIVES to walk. She breathes, eats, and sleeps in anticipation of her twice daily walks. Each morning she follows me right at my heels waiting for the slightest hint that I might be reaching for my shoes...or pulling my hair into a ponytail...or better yet- grabbing her leash. These things can send her into a fit of hysteria unlike anything you've ever seen. Say the word 'walk', and Macy will spend the next three to five minutes running at top speed in clockwise circles with her little tongue hanging out the side of her mouth...which I swear forms a smile twice a day.

Ironically, Macy could care less how long her walks are. I could honestly take her half a block down the street and back and she would be happy as a clam (which I've always assumed must be quite happy, right?). If I feel like walking a couple of miles, it's no problem. My 9 lb puppy will keep up with me just fine.

Are you wondering yet why I'm writing a blog about my dog and her walks? Well, lately I've been doing some soul searching. I have very big goals for my life and my career, and it can at times seem more than a little overwhelming figuring out how to best accomplish these goals. Over the last couple of weeks, I've spent hours and hours researching ways to get where I want to go. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture to help me. In my head I know what I want the scene to look like when I'm finished, but the shapes of the pieces keep changing.

I'll admit it, I get a high off of the day to day workings of my business. The greater the challenges- the more inspired I feel. Some days I feel powerful, some days I feel helpless. But each day I feel something, and that is powerful in and of itself. There are days that I get to walk for miles, recording and producing for hours on end. Some days I barely make it to the end of the block, with only a short job or two to finish. On these days, it is totally up to me if I'm going to give up and head home- or keep pushing myself to take that next step and create my own walking trail.

Now, back to the dog. When my dog goes for her walk, she never stops to ask her doggy friends if they've been on their walk that day. She doesn't care. She doesn't worry if it's hot, or cold, or raining. If something blocks her path, she crosses the street and keeps moving forward. When her walk is cut short, she happily goes home to her favorite ball and a cold bowl of water. And then she waits, patiently, for the next walk to come.

Thanks to my Macy, twice a day I am reminded how wonderful it is to live for the things you love.

Kara Edwards, Voice Actor


Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy! Muah!! Caryn

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you dear :) One thing I have learned- it's a lot more fun walking through life with great friends...glad you are one of mine!


Don said...

I needed that.

Deelsu said...

And OHH.. how she loves that ball! craziness! can't wait to see you!

Karen Commins said...

Greetings, Kara! When I can be like Macy and detach from the outcome, I really do enjoy the journey. It takes accepting that *anything* that happens is good.

Strangely enough, it's only when I do detach from the outcome that the Universe delivers parts of my dream in bigger and better ways than I had ever imagined. However, I can't say I've learned to detach from the outcome in all situations, or even in half of them. :)

What I have learned is that we need to keep focusing on WHAT we want, and don't think so much about HOW it will happen. If you leave the HOWs to the Universe, you probably will be happier on a daily basis and amazed by the ways your goals are achieved.

Keep on walking toward your dream life!

Karen Commins

Kara Edwards said...


So well said- thank you!!


Rodney Scot Stoner said...

I think Macy and Ollie (our 14 years old Jack Russell) have much in common. Ollie may be 14 but his energy level would frighten most puppies. "walk", "eat", "grandma's coming to vist"...these are words that set him OFF into a high speed frenzy. I relate to Ollie when I hear words like voiceover booking, vacation, mexican food & peanut butter..anything. I'm thankful for Ollie's energy over the simple things...I need to apply that to the simple things in my life more often...not just when another voiceover or photography job comes in. Thanks,
Charlotte, NC

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your comment!


banksey said...

Twice! You walk her twice? Social services advised. Jazz assumed you meant twice an hour.