Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do You Still Get Excited?

A short post today.

As voice actors we often record a file, send it off (or disconnect the ISDN line), invoice, and move on to the next project. I find that I rarely see or hear the final product, unless it's an on-line project or I happen to hear it on the TV or radio.

Earlier this afternoon, one of my clients sent me a 'preview' of a TV spot I voiced a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to see it, and couldn't wait to show my family!

It's funny, no matter how many projects I voice- big or small- I still get excited to see the finished product. The excitement is still as strong today as it was 13 years ago when I heard myself for the first time.

I truly hope it's a feeling that never goes away, and I suspect that it never will.

So I ask, do you still get that giddy feeling when you hear a finished product? What other things help to keep your spirits up in the world of voice over?


VoiceOverForYou said...

It's very exciting...YES. Although, I seem to find ways to critique myself, unless it's utterly horrible, I usually say "The client liked it and that's what matters".

Recently I did a trailer for a movie that comes out this Halloween and when I got a copy, it was reallllllly cool.

Mandy Nelson said...

YES! I, too, am used to voice-it-and-forget-it but lately clients have been showing me the finished product and, with the ones they've produced well, I get goosebumps. I find myself grinning and glad no one is around to see the grin.

Deelsu said...

Heck yes! I love when I get a video done and one that I REALLY like.
I even make a copy to bring home and show Brad :)

DC Douglas said...

I would say that I still get excited with the big name ones or the really creative/funny ones. But, to be honest, when they send me a link to a finished industrial for "sludge hydraulics" or "Total Berry Cleanse" (oddly related)... well, not quite the same!

PS: Love your site!

Kara Edwards said...

Thanks for all of the comments! It's good to know I'm not alone in this :)

DC- Sludge Hydraulics and Total Berry Cleanse? There's something ya don't voice everyday (or maybe you do?)- hah!


J.S. Gilbert said...

I enjoy it whenever I get something I worked on sent to me. I don't necessarily flip over each and every project and most won't make it to a demo reel, but it's fun to listen to the various projects and see how the work I do ids constantly changing and how I try to reinvent myself and apply it. I did on-camera work years ago and it's fun to drag that out of the attik to take a look.

Unfortunately, I didn't really make huge efforts to get copies of my work years ago and even today, sometimes if you bug someone too many times for a copy of something, you get the feeling they may get embarassed for not sending you it and not hire you to avoid the embarassment in person.

Kara Edwards said...

J.S.- thank you for your comments! You are so right! I usually just ask once to hear something, twice if I would like to possibly use it on a demo...but never more than that. I agree- I think it can cause issues if you bug someone too much.

Thanks again!


AnthonyVO said...

Turning on my preamp gets me excited. I'm a simple man.