Friday, May 15, 2009

How Not To Succeed in VO

Rarely will I ever start a blog with a negative this case, 'not'. I believe in striving to always stay positive, avoiding words like, 'not, can't, won't'. However, 'not' became a very valuable word to one talent agent who wrote an article on Voice Over Xtra called, "How Not to Get an Agent". OK, it's not so much an article as a transcript- but it's lesson is very valuable!

I am often approached by people wanting to get into the voice over business. Because of this, I wrote up a little thing I like to pass along with a few helpful tips to help them get started. Hey, I've had a lot of help along the way and I try to pay it forward as much as possible!

Occasionally I am approached by someone not just wanting a few tips, or a few questions answered- they are wanting me to put their entire career in motion! Trust me, if I had the power to make everyone with a voice into a successful voice actor, I would! But, unfortunately it just isn't possible. The best recommendation I can give is to research, ask questions...and be prepared to do LOT of leg work!

Most importantly, don't e-mail an agent asking for representation until you are truly ready! If you haven't had proper training, or recorded a professional demo- you aren't ready. Also, make sure to approach everyone in this business (or in any business for that matter) with a 'Here's what I can do for you' frame of mind, NOT a 'What can you do for me?' attitude. You'll find more doors are opened by being kind, humble, and prepared.

Kara Edwards Voice Over


Quillsongs said...

Thanks, Kara, that is such good advice! I am learning that observation, patience, and willingness to continue through the motions even though it seems like your getting no where, does eventually reap benefits. The other is to be open to honest feedback, especially if it comes with a good advice!

Deelsu said...

very good advice and I'm not even a voicoverist :) got that line from the Transformer's trailer you sent out :)

Adam said...

Thanks Kara!! Awesome article. I laughed so hard LOL when the supposed client that wanted representation told Peter King to go to hell. Don't you think that was just a little harsh?;-) It takes determination, hard work, perseverance, and strong marketing skills before one should even fathom the idea of signing on with an agent. Plus, you need a demo, a voice-over demo LOL! Great stuff. Keep in touch!

Best regards,