Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recession-Proofing a Voice Over Career

Tracy Pattin of recently asked on her blog what voice actors were doing to recession-proof their careers. It's obviously a timely question, and I was happy to share my feelings on the topic.

I am honored that Tracy chose to publish my response to her question on her blog this evening.

If you would like to respond to Tracy's important question, be sure to leave a comment on her blog, as she will be publishing several answers in the weeks ahead.

Make sure to also check out Part I and Part II with my friends Caryn Clark and Bob Souer.

For me, 2009 has kicked off with a bang bringing in some new and exciting work! Already this year, I've recorded projects for Highlights, Raggs, Involution Media, Cartoon Network, Wii, Student Ambassadors, Florida Dept of Health, and more! Will this trend continue? It's impossible to know- what is certain is that I will continue to work hard and provide my clients with the best service I can. By not panicking, and staying consistent with my product- I believe I will continue to succeed. It's important to keep our confidence high and our talents fine tuned. What about you? What are you doing to recession-proof your career? If you prefer to leave your comments here, I am happy to pass them along to Tracy- just be sure to let me know!

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