Monday, November 26, 2007

So Much More

Rowell Gorman wrote one of my favorite voice over stories ever on his blog the other day. It's called "You'd Better Get The Real Thing, Or A Good Voice Actor!" Please take a moment and read won't be sorry!

99% of our time as voice actors is spent reading words off a script, rarely are we given the opportunity to truly bring a character to life. Just minutes ago, I was given one of these opportunities.

Razzles, from the PBS show RAGGS, was interviewed by Nikki Landry on 95.7 The Wolf in San Fransisco. While I was given a script in advance of things to work into the interview, I was also given permission to 'just have fun' and ad lib a bit.

It was a hoot! We giggled, I howled, discussed my recent 'paw-dicure'...just generally had a great time.

There is so much debate (In fact, one is currently taking place on one of the VO message boards) about how much acting there is in voice over. I'm a believer that VO is about much more than just a's about a's about bringing someone to life. Whether you are the kind person telling us about the latest Ford vehicle...or the newest cartoon character on The Disney channel...

You are more than your are an actor.

...And...isn't that just fun?


Joe said...

I'd agree Kara! Any chance we could hear a clip of this interview somewhere online?

Keep up the great work.
Joe Szymanski

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your comment! I believe the good folks with Raggs are going to try to get a copy. If I can get ahold of it, I'll be sure to post it!


nikki landry said...

Hi Kara!

What a hoot we had during our interview. I loved the fact how you were in character it made me feel like a kid again. I just wanted to reach out and give you a big huge hug. It was a ton-oh- fun!! We had great feedback on the interview as well. If you or anyone else would like a copy of it please email at and remember...PAWS Up!


Kara Edwards said...


Thanks for the comment! You were a blast to be on the air with! I'm going to send you an e-mail now for a copy!


imaginator said...

hi, kara

thanks for the kind words in your prologue.

and i too would like to hear "raggs" when the time is right.

how neat it is to have someone relate to a character you've given life to...almost as if it's a separate entity and you're just there as an observer.

i'm continually reminded how powerful these audio images we create can be.

just yesterday after performing a comedy murder mystery luncheon, one of the guests came up and reminded me about a "happy birthday" greeting my puppet character, zoot, had done for his wife on a local morning show...twenty years ago!

of course, a story like that means little to my young son. he's excited that i actually know someone who does voices for dragonball z!

rowell gormon

Bob Souer said...


I quite agree. It's about so much more than the voice.

Be well,