Monday, October 29, 2007

A Long Time Away

Phew! It feels like ages since I've written a new post for this blog! When I first made the commitment to a voice over blog, I promised myself I would post at least once a week. Well, sometimes life makes decisions for you. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of family, friends, and vacations.

A couple of weeks ago, we were visited by some of our family from up north. It was a great visit, filled with a trip to our favorite vineyard, and some dancing to Blue Grass for the Harvest Festival.

For the last week, my husband and I have enjoyed an incredibly relaxing vacation in Burnsville, NC. We hiked, fished, shopped, slept, and did a lot of breathing in of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. As you may or may not know, I am never more than a few steps away from my beloved there were over 2 GB of photos and videos from the trip! I picked out a few of my favorites and turned them into a slide show on my MacBook. The site can be found by clicking here.

During our vacation, we were Blessed with some much needed rain. The Carolinas have been in an exceptional drought, and we received about 3 inches while we were in the mountains. It's the only time that I will be thankful my vacation was rained out! Since there were plenty of days filled with blue skies, we decided to spend our rain day driving down to Fletcher, NC for a tour of ProComm Studios.

Many of you are familiar with this incredible studio, and some of you may even be on the talent roster. I had submitted my demos a few months ago, so I was already familiar with a few of the kind folks there. Dan Friedman was generous enough to offer to take us on a tour of the studio. Plus, he even let me bring my dog Macy so I wouldn't have to leave her alone in the cabin!

We arrived at 4:30 on Wednesday for our tour. Dan was as nice in person as he was over the phone. It's always a pleasure to meet people who share your passion for voice over, production, and technology. Dan has many years of experience with all 3- and he really knows his stuff.

Our first impression of the ProComm Studios was how big it was!! I've never been to a production facility that was actually built from the ground up to accommodate studios and equipment. Most studios are adapted to a building that was already in existence. ProComm has numerous recording spaces to accommodate multiple projects. They have some of the best mics and recording equipment around. It was really incredible!

The best part was meeting all the staff. Everyone was so laid back and professional, they instantly made us feel welcome. I finally met Bob Peck, who did my line test with me a few weeks ago. He was as nice in person as he had been over ISDN, which was no surprise!

We had a funny moment when Dan pointed out I had been introducing my dog to everyone as though she were my child. Yeah, I'm one of those creepy dog husband is still teasing me over that one!

Overall, it was a great week, made greater by a visit to a studio most will never see (as the majority of their talent work over ISDN). A gigantic thank you to Dan and the entire staff for taking 2 hours out of your day to spend with me and my family! We are hoping to return the favor someday by taking Dan's family on a tour of Chris's TV station (I hear one of Dan's sons may be an aspiring weatherman!).

The good news is that I've stored up 3 weeks worth of blog posts in the back of my brain- so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Thank you for sticking with me, and taking time out of your day to be here. Happy Halloween!


AFN Broadcaster said...

Glad to hear/see you had a great time. We got about 3.5 inches of rain up here too.

Bob Souer said...


It's wonderful to see you posting again. I'm glad to know you had such a great time off. And I look forward to reading what you have to say in the days ahead.

Be well,

Kara Edwards said...

Chris- thank you for your kind comment, safe travels to Italy!


Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your kind words! It was a great vacation, but it is nice to be home :)