Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One More Week...

A couple of weeks ago Voices.com posted details about a new contest. They were asking for impressions of our favorite Simpson's characters. Never one to shy away from a chance to do my 'Lisa', I entered the contest.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I made it to the finals! You can listen to all the Simpson entries and vote for your favorites here. You do not have to be a member of the site to vote.

The deadline for voting is September 11th...one more week!


Bob Souer said...


You did such a good job. I'm not surprised you're a finalist. Not one bit!

Be well,

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your kind comment. You are a dear friend.


Jeffrey Kafer said...

Hi Kara,

Love your impression. One more facet of your many talents. Of course, I'm also speaking of your gardening prowess. :)

BTW - I added your blog to StumbleUpon so maybe you'll get some extra traffic!

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for stopping by! I'm going to have to check out stumbleUpon- I keep hearing about it! Thanks for adding me!


Anonymous said...

me and my grandma were talking about you a few days ago.
but im christopher's cousin.
i dont know if he remembers me since i havent seen him i dont know how long. but i just came along this. and just wanted to stop by and say hello! :]


Geg Littlefield said...

They must have had to do a re-count or something, Kara. It's a few days past the 13th. :) Still, best of luck to you!

gReg Littlefield said...

Oy. You'd think I would have learned how to spell my name by now...

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you for your comment! Chris was happy to see your name on here :) Please keep in touch!


Kara Edwards said...


You are too funny! Don't worry- I'm the world's worst speller, and while I can type fast- there's never a guarantee what will land on the screen!

Yes, I was wondering what had happened to the contest. I think they are having some server issues at Voices.com and that may be the cause of the delay.

Good luck! I voted for you!

Greg Littlefield said...

Well, I just visited Stephanie's Facebook page and I have a feeling she might be a little distracted this week.

And just so you know, I voted for you, too!