Monday, August 6, 2007

It Ain't Luck Baby

Last week was my mother's...uh, 39th...birthday. We threw a surprise party for her in Texas that was an absolute blast, and we were able to stay for a few extra days and spend some time with the family.

During one of the conversations I had with my mom, it came up how fortunate I've been with some of the publicity I've received regarding my voice over business. I said I have been lucky. My mother said luck comes to those who work the hardest.

Have I ever mentioned how brilliant my mom is?

Another brilliant woman in my life is my voice and business coach, Nancy Wolfson.

Last week I booked my first gig with The Big Fish Voice Company. It wasn't a huge part, but was still a blast to record. It was a couple of lines in a Qwest spot as a teenage girl. They wanted to record the commercial via ISDN.

My house is not ISDN capable, but I regularly use a local studio for this purpose called the GroundCrew Studios. Some of the greatest people in Charlotte work in that studio and it is always a joy to visit. While I was there recording for Qwest, I was asked by the GroundCrew to also help them out on a couple of local radio commercials. Obviously, I was happy to oblige.

Afterward, I was e-mailing with Nancy and casually mentioned the situation. With her permission, here was Nancy's response.

"It is so cool that while at the studio they had you do two more commercials - totally what I tell people all the time about how work begets work - not just on a spiritual level, not just on a confidence level that comes thru the reads, but also on a PRACTICAL level, too."

I say it all the time, and I mean it...if we are only as great as those we surround ourselves with, well then I'm pretty phenominal!

Thanks mom, thanks Nancy!


Nancy Wolfson said...

It was a thrill to book you and your fellow student, Jason Bowers on that Quest job thru Big Fish. (You're in superior company; Jason's a local celeb here - as an actor & top dj on one of LA's hippest stations, Star 98.7 FM.)
Trust me, your bookings 'aint luck. Oprah says, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."
I don't throw auditions out to just anyone; I feel extremely confident you will continue to book a high ratio of the opportunities I cast because of how diligently you continue to study and how very well you are prepared.
Onward and upward and thank YOU!

Bob Souer said...


I'm thrilled for you and agree with Nancy. You've worked hard. You're reaping the rewards of that hard work.

Be well,

Kara Edwards said...


Thank you again for all of your help - not just with the awesome coaching- but with helping me land actual gigs! You are the best!

I will have to send Jason an e-mail and let him no I was the girl turning him down :)

I'm looking forward to our next session!


Kara Edwards said...


You are a dear friend! Also, congratulations on your recent NATIONAL booking with Big Fish- fantastic!!


jessespringer said...

That's so cool, Kara!

I haven't booked a job with Big Fish yet. I'm looking forward to the day I do though! That's a cool story. It'd be a blast to have an "accidental" double blessing in that sense!


Kara Edwards said...


With your talent, I'm sure it won't be long before you are booking with them! Thanks for the comment!